Omega-3 Fish Oil has so many health benefits...

From joint health to hormonal function, there’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to omega-3 fatty acids. Although fish oil tablets and capsules have been criticized for their “fishy” aftertaste, QHLabs' Fish Oil has a pleasant lemon flavoring. This lets your body enjoy all the amazing nutrients without having to deal with those nasty, "fishy" tasting burps! 

Omega-3 fatty acids are derived from fish such as salmon and cod, but studies in humans have shown their consumption to be effective in reducing tissue inflammation and lowering cholesterol. 

Even if you don’t struggle with inflammation or high cholesterol, there is still an advantage to consuming omega-3 fish oil. Healthy individuals can become even healthier thanks to fish oil’s ability to improve cardiovascular function, reduce risk of heart disease, and even improve memory.

Fish Oil has vitamins and nutrients that can benefit EVERYBODY. Try out our Lemon Flavored Fish Oil and get all the nutrients you need without your breath smelling like a raw tuna!